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TL - Some questions..

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Hi all! Sorry for this name of thread,but.. I don't know how i can call it.. I have small problems on server.. Maybe you can give me some tips or send me link to another thread.. Of course - i search solutions for my problems, but.. I can't found good answers.. So.. 1) I have very small TPS. I think, it's from Timer, or any other blocks. If i'll create new map, it's 20 TPS. Chunk loaders are excluded.. If i'm alone on server, probably 200-300 chunks are loaded.. And? TPS 13-15 (cca).. Plugins are too excluded, i control it for ping, playerevents etc.. And - > I want tips or solutions for Timer.. I can't set minInterval to Timer. I use in my config (redpower.cfg) this.. minInterval=15 (In logic, where is enableSounds) But this doesn't work.. No limit or anything else.. 2) Do you have some good plugin for TL? Which except flags as BC (can't destroy) etc.. I use Residence, greater X,Y,Z, but players still make chests close to "wall" of Residence.. And if you build Quarry close to Res, he can destroy blocks easily.. I think it's all, what i want.. If i miss some good thread, sorry! Thanks for every good answer.. Btw..Sorry for my English, i never learn it in school or anything like that, so.. I forgot for this.. I have this versions of mods.. RP - 2.0pr6.. Btw.. for TL it's stable build..

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