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[1.1.8]Brutal assault (No banned Items)(Free build)


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Information about the serverarrow-10x10.png: Our server is for everyone who wants to play it! We have nice community and helpful staff! Come and start your adventure in here and I promise you wont regret it :)

You can build freely and anywhere in it, expect any other players land.


  • Abusive language is strictly prohibited. Includes swearing, bashing players.
  • No Griefing
  • Please use English in the global chat channel.
  • Do not advertise any other serverarrow-10x10.png.
  • Don't swear, yell, troll, or disrepect any staff members.
  • You are responsible for your own account.
  • Do not say you will hack another player or server. You will be instantly banned.
  • Do not use hacked clients or game-enhancing mods. (Optifine and Shaders mods are permitted.)
  • Don't dupe
  • There are no banned items

Transmution Tablet - Dupe

Terraformer | Water Strainer - Currupted Chunks.



Hope you all come to join us!

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