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Classic World [24/7] [GriefProtection] [PvP] [10 Slots]

Blake Cogburn

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Welcome to Classic World!

Welcome to Classic World! Classic World is meant to be a small, home-y server for a small amount of players. Perhaps we'll expand slots later, but for now, it stays 10. There is one finished town and one town in progress. We hope to see you on there too! :)



IP: kingofmineworlds.net:25566

Website: kingofmineworlds.net


  • AutoRank
  • Buycraft
  • CommandSigns
  • CoreProtect
  • Essentials
  • GriefPrevention
  • KeepItems
  • Lockette
  • Multiverse-Core
  • SkyblockCo-Op
  • tekkitrestrict
  • Vault
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • CleanroomGenerator

Removed Mods

The only removed mods are Dimensional Anchors and ComputerCraft Sensors, although ComputerCraft is disabled for use by non-ops.

Disabled Blocks

- IC2

  • Mining Lasers
  • Teleporters
  • Terraformers

- RP2

  • Frames
  • Frame Motors
  • Transposers

- BC

  • Quarries
  • Teleport Pipes
  • Filler
  • Builder

- RailCraft

  • World Anchor
  • Tunnel Bore

- EE

  • Mk 2 & 3 Collectors

For a complete list of banned items, go to the website at http://kingofmineworlds.net/

La Rules

Rules of the server are at spawn, but the main rule of the server is NO GRIEFING. None. Whatsoever. Permanently banned for griefing. Not a chance to explain or anything. Griefing is absolutely not tolerated. Just don't do it. Also, no killing inside spawn. If you are caught doing that, you will also be permanently banned.


If you enjoy playing on our server, please let us know by donating to us on our website! All donations go straight to buying a bigger and better server for you to play on! Donators have lots of perks on the server!

  • Donors can use the /heal and /feed command
  • Donors can use /set time [day/night]
  • Donors can use /enchant
  • Donor weekly and daily gifts!
  • Donors can use /nick
  • Donors can change the weather with /weather
  • Donors can join the server even when the slots are full!
  • Donors can't be kicked for being AFK too long!
  • Donors can bypass the item limiter! (All the power flowers you can craft!)

The server is 24/7, hosted in the US, and our IP is "kingofmineworlds.net:25566". The server is open to everyone, and as long as you follow the rules, it can be a great server! Make sure you read the rules before leaving spawn and we hope you enjoy being on our server! :)

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I dunno what you mean by doesn't have NEI. NEI works just fine for me and everyone else. TekkitRestrict is used to ban the items that are listed above and on the server website.

Also, to everyone that plays or may play on the server later, there is a bug with the way we have KeepInventory set up that sometimes makes you lose your inventory when you die. If anyone can tell us a better way to do this, it'll be greatly appreciated. Don't tell us to use /gamerule, though... this is 1.2.5.

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