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fission reactors wont spin up turbines


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so ive been playing the bigdig pack flatout lately, till i finally got around to being able to use the atomic science part of the pack, ive setup a fission reactor correctly, 3 blocks high of water and originally did a 7x7 grid of water for security, added all the steam vents, liquiducts/pipes, piped it to a turbine, and also used a redstone signal on the pipes and used the wrench on the pipes comming out of the steam vents.

the problem is, no matter how long i leave it sitting for, the turbines always move sooooooo slow, i originally though having the water 7x7 was the issue so i moved it to 5x5, right at the edges of the reactor, and sat the reactor underwater in the middle of the whole shibang, also moved the steam vents closer to the surface of the water with the piping, and it still doesnt work correctly, i have been scratching my head trying to figure out why for the past few hours after having fiddled with it yesterday with no improvement in results.

whats the deal?

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