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[1.1.10]WolfzCraftz[PvA][69 slots][mystcraft removed]We like dem turtles :3


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Ip :

Server rules : No racism Seriously it's not funny.

2 . No griefing

3 . Private bases : You can not enter some others base unautorized you need the owner his/her permission P.S: you can get protection from an admin.

4 . No stealing : Kinda goes with no griefing i think this is pretty clear

5 . No rule bending : its annoying and a whaste of time to bother staff with it.

6 . No commanding : I know how to run a server thank you, The server is 11+ months old.

Server website : http://wolfzcraftz.enjin.com/

No banned items so far If items become a reason of abuse they will get banned

So please be mature and do not remove the privilege of using an item from yourself and the community of the server

Some info : The server is very old and has been on many modpacks.

We are running tekkit now as we want a chance and im going back into turtle programming.

We have had great comments on how helpfull our staff is, People even state that we are actually not faking the friendly staff tag in our server description.

-May inprove later-

Server is online 24/7 Hosted by fragnet.net server hosting

Community : Loyal players that often follow us around if the modpack changes (doesen't happen often) Also staff currently no other players.

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