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[0.6.5] Hardcore Sim Racing [20 slots][Oopen][Mystcraft Removed][GriefPrevention][few banned items]


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Hello, and welcome to HardcoreSimRacing Minecraft. Although the name has nothing to with Minecraft, we are a small community looking to grow.

As of right now my cap is 20 people. If we have a constant amount of 10-15 i can raise this to 60 max so the server has room to grow. We are taking in all players that don't abuse the system. There are a few banned items that allow duping and override the grief prevention. Dimensional Doors and Mystcraft have been removed at this time. If you are looking for a quiet server and looking to be one of the first players in to start an economy then come on in. Again we are a friendly community.


Griefing within City limits is a NO * will be hard to now anyways*

Griefing outside the City is a Yes * if you can go for it*

City limits is a safe zone.

Mode is on hard so try not to die.

Server IP:


Again, if this sounds like the server for you come on in!

Players who use multiple accounts to achieve personal gain in game will be removed. If you have someone inside the same network playing please contact Admin inside server to be exempt. Thank you

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