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[1.6.4][Flux-Craft 1]InacioPack 3.0 [PvP/PvE][40][InacioPack 3]

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We've updated recently (Today). I've been asked to post here by Adam.

Because post content:

0.1 -> 0.2

- Updates.


- Disabled Gregtech's forced disabling of the metal former and extractor recipes (you can make empty cells in the metal former now).

- Disabled Gregtech's inventory unification.

- Enabled Gregtech's crafting unification - Using Thermal Expansion as the main target.


- Added Forge Ore Dictionary Converter - You can use this to get stainless steel casings (Put steel casings in it).

- Enabled Thaumic Tinkerers' Kami Addon.

- Added Resonant Induction


- Removed Flatsigns

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