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Energy Manipulation?


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As far as I can tell (and this is only speculation since I've just now checked out the mod page) it just adds the most desired/most useful things from EE2 to Tekkit Galactic. Which sounds great because, let's be honest, EE3 is a bit of a bust at the moment. Unless you want to transmute red flowers into pipe waterproof, it's not overly useful.

I'll definitely (like now, right this moment) download it and play around with it a bit. I'll let you know how it goes.

(Got the mod working. If you choose to install it use 1.1.9, not the newest (1.1.10). It won't even recognize the existence of 1.1.10 as a mod.)

As for how it works.. It does what it does, the bare minimum that it can. It only recognizes vanilla items, for one. And the EV are a bit off. Emerald is worth twice as much as a diamond? I don't remember that being a feature of EE2. The mod would be great if someone made it fully compatible with tekkit, but I don't see that happening.

Also I just realized that the emerald being worth so much can very easily be abused. For example: I found a villager who wanted 17 raw chickens for one emerald. I transmuted 1 diamond into 2 stacks of chicken and traded it to the villager for 7 emerald. I made a profit of 13 diamonds.

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