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BattleCraft Tekkit Lite Server! [Factions] [PvP] [Survival] [NoLag] [NoRaid] [Fun]


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Hello, my name is Orion35 and i am a Moderator on this amazing Tekkit Lite server! I believe that this server is extremely under-rated and deserves to have more players on it! The server is owned by 2 people [Owner] Jared & [Developer] NobleBullshark. They are very kind/nice admins that work very hard to make the server an enjoyable experience for the players on the server. Please give it a try it is A LOT of fun, there's 48 Player Slots so you and all of your friends can play together!



Factions, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, ChestShop, Votifier, PvPLog, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsProtect, Essentials, SignColors. And several custom made Plugins to enhance your experience on the server!

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