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[2.0.4] HDG Voltz [PvP/Grief (no spawnkill)][30 slots][Wide Open]


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HDG Voltz is our second server setup by a few members of HDG. Since we had such a great time running a Tekkit server we decided to branch out into Voltz. We are looking for Social and creative people to wage war with us. those that have spent time with us will have access to our voice chat server (we use mumble). We have Uranium spawned in the world for those who wish to use Fission Reactors. No pay to win, No begging, and No requests to be OP. If you like earning your stuff and playing with those that do the same this is the server for you.

This is war folks.. server is set on hard.. if you get killed or your stuff stolen.. you should have hidden yourself and your things better! (killing at spawn may get you banned)!


  • Xteam


  1. Comply with any and all admin instructions (nothing crazy we promise)
  2. No Hacking or attempts to crash the server
  3. No advertizing other servers in chat or private messages
  4. No asking for OP or items
  5. No spam/drama in chat (use /msg for drama)

Website: http://hdgminecraft.enjin.com

Voting site:

Banned Items: NOTHING YET

Plugins: XTeam

Server uptime: 24/7 (10 minutes or so daily for reset)

Server IP: hdgvoltz.asuscomm.com:25565

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