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7 fantastic mod ideas, for others to create.

Der Artz

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These are the 7 most fun mods I can think of to be built, anyone can go off and build them if they want, as I simply do not have the time, If you do end up building any of these mods, AMAZING!

MOD 1: Total labyrinth:

No matter what kind of game you join, or create, you're stuck in an endless maze, all biomes are replaced with many types of mazes: Hedge mazes, red-stone puzzle mazes, Mazes that require potions or some kind of enchantment to be found first, mod filled rooms, boss battles-such as the older adventure map ones with the different things one had to shoot-, and safe areas where one's team can regroup.

If one manages to break the maze via cheating, there could be monolith- dimensional doors mod- Type mobs that would 1 hit kill you. And every so often you could find a treasure room filled with diamonds and maybe one of the 10 keys.

These 10 keys are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, White, Brown, and Black, they can't be crafted and can only be found in the treasure rooms, or from killing bosses. Once one has all 10 keys they can open the final treasure in the center of the map, which will hold the ender portal, and access to the final boss: the dungeon master: (Giant creeper with a key in it's head that survives it's own explosions) kill it to receive a full set of diamond armor and a chest of rare goodies and the ending credits.

MOD 2: Roark's Energy:

This is like a structure type mod, but on a much larger scale, and by combining huge structors of certain materials one can create amazing things.

Example: Say one stumbles upon a block of coal, now, if one has 10 blocks of iron and 36 glass, one can build, anywhere in open sunlight, a 3x3 square of iron on the ground with another block just above the middle one. As well, if they ascend 10 blocks up and build a 6x6 square of glass the middle iron block will change, allowing one to place objects in it. Using it's abilities, one can turn a coal block into a diamond shard (1/9th of a diamond), as well as other transfixions: Wood to stone, stone to lava, water to steam (if a mod with steam usage is installed as well). Although one can only do this during the day while it's not "weathering".

I won't list the exact way to make each of every Energy-build-able structure, but here is every structure that should be added:

The super cooker (Seen above)

The Chi energy field: Causes regeneration, and provides an area where hostile mobs will not spawn.

The Radio tower: By it's self it's useless, however with a connect stone (one is received upon completion of a radio tower) one can link a 9x9x9 cube with another 9x9x9 cube that can be used to teleport between two areas.

Grave yard: Causes increased spawn rate of zombies, and when a player dies, their left over stuff can be found here in their graves.

Rocket: Can't be used to get to space, however, one can fly the rocket into an enemy bace and cause a massive explosion.

Train: Uses double the amount of rails, but doesn't require powered tracks! Completely operable!

Clock: Offers two functions depending on how it is built: Stop: Literally freezes any mob near the device. Save: Saves the world right there, every block on the map is saved, as well as every mob, player, and entity. When someone pushes the "rewind" Button, the world will reset to that exact moment. -Could be really awesome on adventure maps and servers.

Diamond garden: Instant health regen,no mob spawn, testificates with great deals spawn here, and the room is made of diamond, gold, and lapis. Generally one does not build this structor, but it can spawn in the world. Note: The room is surrounded by bedrock, with one iron door, make sure one keeps that door SHUT!

Tainted Garden: If one has a Diamond garden and allows a hostile mob such as a zombie, pigman, creeper, skeleton, spider, silverfish, witch, or slime to enter the main fountain in the middle, it will all change, the diamond will become ice, the gold to netherack, and the water to lava. The testificates will all then turn into whichever mob entered the pool, the mob that entered the pool will become the king mob and have a negative color to it, a crown, triple health, and double damage, and if it's a creeper it doesn't die after exploding, nor do zombies/skeletons burn in the sun. However, if one is to kill the king, the room goes back to normal and in the center will be a chest with lots of rare items.

Mod 3: Great Explorer mod:

This mod allows one to explore seven amazing areas around the earth with the help of the astrolabe: Crafted with gold, redstone, and an ender pearl. The astrolabe will teleport one to a good-sized room made of white walls, eight pedestals, and a steering wheel one can RC to bring up a map that can teleport one to one of eight places:

Minecraftia: Home- No artifact

The moon: Don't worry you spawn with your space suit on! Enjoy low gravity and space madness! Artifact: A large green crystal. When one holds it they are immune to gravity (meaning they can fly like creative mode).

The mountains: You've never seen mine craft mountains like this! Work your way to the hidden temple to battle for your award against ninjas!: Master katana-When one guards an invisibility effect will take hold. Does 5 hearts damage.

The abandon castle: Work your way past bone-chilling traps, armor-phantoms and other supernatural beings as you hunt for the vampire's helm. Vampire's helm: When worn, one can push v to change into a vampire. While a vampire, your attacks also endue poison, bats will restore hearts, and one's jump ability is increased to 3 blocks high and speed is increase to speed 1.

The Center of the earth: LOTS of lava, brimstone, and iron blocks down here, at the center of it all is the spark chest plate: When worn one has magnetism and total heat resistance as well as blast resistance.

Arctic: SNow by the ton! Be weary of falling ice burgs, polar bears, and rabid penguins in your hunt for the snow shoes: Mystical items that freeze the ground you crouch over and when one pushes f time slows allowing one to kill mobs easier.

Time: ALL of it, mushed into one, some places include 17th century colonial villages, others prehistoric plant life and maybe a dinosaur or two, and even stranger, the future sections where one can find pneumatic tubes and screens. The clock's bow: Uses clock hands, but you only need a single clock hand to fire forever. It's effects cause nausea and can actually stop enemies. To players, right clicking will fire a blue arrow, it will find the player and hit them, then, later on, the player can LC to fire a red arrow to TP the target back to the exact place they hit him before.

Micro-world: Look out for the horrors of the mini world, as ticks, worms, ants and all other horrid things will try to stop you from obtaining the tiny trousers. The tts will shrink the player when he crouches down to one block high, allowing him to enter super small areas.

The final: Once one has all 7 artifacts, and an astrolabe, they can place them all in the pedestals in the hud area. This will open up a challenge zone where one will need the abilities of all 7 artifacts to survive. After the 7 trials, one is rewarded with a door, that when walked though, will begin the credits….

The death mod: Makes killing all the more fun, and useful!

This mod gives you three new materials, the first of which is called: Extenctanium: to collect this all you need to do is kill mobs, all mobs drop it, 1/20 chance in calm mobs, 1/10 chance with hostile. nine of these ingots will award you with a block of Death, which will spawn more hostile mobs where placed, however if you have 8 of these and an ender pearl you can craft a soul block.

The soul block can be placed in the center of a square of ghost blocks (obtained from raiding witches huts and mansions) with a chest near by to fill with ecto plasma: Each 30 kills results in 1 ecto plasma: Which can be used to make:

Ecto-arrows: Shoot them at the ground to increase zombie spawn rate.

Ecto-sword: Strong as diamond and

Ecto-chest: A special little bucket that when crafted and thrown, or dropped, as an entity, will actually suck up near by entities and place them in a chest it creates, like a death chest you can throw anywhere.

Ecto-gun: A special bow that does more damage and looks cool as heck! Uses regular, or ecto arrows.

Ecto-helm: Allows one to see ghosts: Use an ecto-hoe to harvest them for ectoplasm.

Ecto-chest-plate: When crouching, will hide you from mob and player vision: UNLESS a mob or player is wearing an ecto-helm.

Ecto-leggings: Allows lower gravity-jumps, as well, crouching in air, or crouch jumping, will cause one to float as a ghost would.

Ecto-Boots: Remember PHD from cod zombies? Jumping from a hight larger then 5 blocks will cause no damage and will instead give damage to any mob near where you land in the form of energy.

Ecto-Hoe: Use to harvest ghosts seen with the ecto-helm

Ecto-pick: Diamond level Pick, When broken will come back as a ghost Pick, which can be combined with ectoplasm to re-charge the pick.

Ecto-shovel: Same as pick

Ecto-ax: Same as pick

Structors: Mansions will now spawn, which are filled with poltergeist, as well as temples in the neather that will spawn demons.


Ghosts: Found in both the over world and nether: Seen with an ecto-helm and used as sources of ectoplasm: look like herobrines.

Polterguist: Spawn in mansions, dungeons, witch huts, and the END. Invisible entities that hide in paintings, bookshelves, furnaces, beds and anything other decorative block, they will attempt to harm you, but by destroying the block they're possessing you can gain a ghost ingot.

Demons: Found only in temples in the nether: Horrible ghosts that act like normal ghosts until you look at them, their white eyes go red, their hands black and they will hunt you down and kill you, even if you leave the neither, if you look at them, you NEED an ecto-helm to survive these cruel things. If you do manage to kill them, they drop full ghost blocks. Likewise the center of their temples normally hold a chest of rare items and remains of a sacrifice.

The Elaborate mechanism mod:

This takes redstone to a whole new level, as now you can create whole new mousetrap-steampunk type traps, machines, and even cannons using simple machinery.


1: Disappearing floors: discuisable as any block, and the perfect trap for anyone that doesn't know the exact rout to your treasure room.

2: Cages: Hung from a hook, these cages are gravity-bound like sand and gravel, and unbreakable without the key that is formed when you place it.

3: Tractor beams: Enemy getting on your nerves? Mob that just will NOT leave you alone? No problem! With three simple blocks: Control block, tractor beam, and destination pad, you need not worry about stupid nusences as such! The beam, when activated by the control block, will drag everything in proximity to the destination pad, which BTW is a translucent block that all entities will pass through. Using this those little pest can be dragged right into a lava pit, or even, if you have the skill: A cannon chamber!


1: Treadmills: Simple machinery blocks, that can be discussed and set at different speeds to help transversal of your home.

2: Cannons: Epic And massive creations that can be used to blast whatevers in the chamber over 100 blocks away! Aimed with a control panel and fired with a control block.

3: Reset bed: A fantastic machine, that when one presses the J key, their player wakes up in their bed, perfect for returning from a long day of mining, or if your near death. (requires 1 diamond per trip)


1: Turret: Obviously, it targets the mobs, or players you want, and fires arrows at them.

2: Fan: When on, will blow any mob or player back at such a speed, nothing can get by.


1: Cloak: super hard to make, but, it can and will allow one to build entire boxes capable of hiding castles and super weapons!

2: Pet mecha-spider: A mechanical spider that you can use to retrieve items, attack enemies, and even pilot to reach areas you couldn't before!

3: Industrial note blocks: Use to form new instrument sounds like organ pipes, guitar strums, vocal highs, vocal lows, steam release, and lever movement noises.

Red-stone related:

1: Linking panels: Carry red-stone signal from one panel to it's twin.

2: Control panels: Can be used to adjust where a cannon will hit.

3: Control block: When activated with a redstone current, will turn on the mechanism blocks.


Mechanical blocks: Made of bronze and wires. Works like red-stone, but in the form of a whole, discuisable, block that carries current to any block next to it.

Nozzles: Used on turrets and tractor beams to channel where the beam/arrows come from and where it's radius ends.

Sound machines: Used like Industrial note blocks, but carry red-stone signal through them.

Will finish the other mods later….

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