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[v2.0.4] Anti-MatterPvP [PvP] [5 slots] [No removed mods]


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Hello and welcome, we have just opened up a small 5 player slot voltz server for the public to gather around their friends and play on. The server is small at the moment but may get an upgrade to 50 slots and better hardware this monday depending how good these few days go by. So come on and visit us at dutchdarkened.dmch.nl The server will be on 24/7

All players are welcomed here.

IP: dutchdarkened.dmch.nl

Server rules: No advertising other servers

No spamming chat

Respect all players and staff

Don't ask staff for free items

Griefing and raiding ARE allowed

Swearing IS allowed BUT 'flaming' is not

So far we have these plugins:

Factions and Essentials

Come join us! IP: dutchdarkened.dmch.nl

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I am the owner of this server, and we indeed now have better hardware, 75 slots, and more plugins to make this easier.

So far we have over 15 unique players, but we'd like to have more players. We stand for a fun, and social community, where we can just blow each other up and laugh about it.

We the admins are there for YOU, not the other way around. Come join Anti Matter PVP, for a fun, and social stable community.

In the future I hope to upgrade the hardware even more, and provide a stable service for all of you who seek to play voltz, without lag. We try our hardest to keep the server running, for the players.

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