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[1.6.4]Official Insurgency Server[PVP][Grief][Raid][100 Slots][Factions][Insurgency Modpack]

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Modpack Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/insurgency.225323

Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/insurgency

Server ip: [should be on the pack but in case it is not]


This modpack was meant for all different types of people. If you enjoy building we've got bibliocraft so you can customize your house or build an impenetrable base! If you enjoy raiding and griefing we have the notorious ICBM pack so that you can blow your enemies to shreds. If you enjoy pvping we've got tons of different weapons and armor with the Metallurgy mod or maybe you can just shoot your enemies with a gun using flans mod.

Server Rules:

[1] No spamming, swearing or caps in chat

[2] Respect all players and staff

[3] no racism, discrimination, religion or other political terms

[4] English only in global chat

[5] No xray or hacked Clients

[6] No abusing exploits

[7] PVP/Griefing IS allowed

[8] Scamming IS allowed

[9] Advertising is a perm ban

[10] No bases above the nether

[11] No mffs kill fields within 1000 blocks of spawn

[12] No mffs kill fields on the main island of the END

[13] no impersonating staff

[14] No attempting to grief safezone/spawn

Banned Items:


Expected Uptime

This server is running on a dedicated box so uptime will be 24/7


At the moment our only community is you! We do have a website however: precraft.enjin.com

We are looking for staff also! Apply on our website.


No whitelist or Greylist. All are welcome! The more the merrier!


  • World Border- A limitless world makes raiding no fun :P
  • AutoMessage- To keep you guys updated with the server
  • BanItem- You know I love ya, but I gotta ban some items
  • Buycraft- Used for donations
  • Heads- When you kill someone there is a certain chance you might get their head!
  • PvpTitles- When you kill someone you earn fame which helps you towards another rank
  • Factions- Hmmm which faction shall I raid now?
  • Essentials- Can't live without essentials!
  • Groupmanager- Not sure why but I prefer Groupmanager to PEX
  • Combat Log- Don't you hate those combat loggers


If you are having any problems using/downloading this modpack please contact me on here or on my website at precraft.enjin.com

Pictures Of The Server





If you have read this whole post I applaud you! And for this I think you deserve an award! Just leave your minecraft username below and I will gift you with $1000 ingame money!

Thanks for reading!

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