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Nether Ores (1.2.4)


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Ive been playing on the newest update for this Modpack on a world from 1.2.2 (Or whichever the one it was yesterday night for me, which i know wasnt 1.2.3) and have been looking in The Nether for some (new?) ores.

Im not 100% sure if they are new, since i didnt pay much attention before, but there is 9 Ores on the NEI Menu and Creative Menu for The Nether but i cant seem to find them, even un unloaded chunks (Ive been venturing in the complete other way from before, and have seen Lava just come out of a Cliff randomly, which i think means that it was just loaded there).

The Ores are: Nether Uranium, Nether Nikolite, Nether Ruby, Nether Emerald, Nether Peridot, Nether Sapphire, Nether Pig Iron, Nether Osmium and Nether Iridium.

When pressing "U" on them, only 2 of them come up with a way to get them (Uranium and Emerald), Peridot comes up with the "OreDictionary" thing (Dont know what that is .-.) and the others dont do anything.

Are they just not fully implemented yet, and am i wasting my time (And chunks)? Are they gotten inside a chest or something like that?

Nether Nikolite Ore is the only thing that comes up when searching "Nikolite".

When searching "Pig " (With the space), you get Spawn Pig (Spawn Egg), Nether Pig Iron Ore and Mechanical Pig.

You only get Nether Peridot Ore with "Peridot", The same with "Iridium", "Osmium", "Sapphire" and "Ruby" with there Respective Ores.

Searching "Emerald" or "Uranium" will come up with normal things (IE Emerald Blocks, Emerald Ore, Uranium Ore etc.), which makes sense as they are the one 2 that seem to be actual things to be found.

Picture of the Ores: 6qggjk2.png

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These are tied to other mods.

Nether Nikolite, Nether Ruby, and Nether Sapphire are for when RedPower or Project:Red is installed

Nether Uranium I believe is for when IC2 is installed

I'm not sure about Nether Emerald, Nether Peridot, Nether Pig Iron, Nether Osmium and Nether Iridium. Nether Osmium might be for Mekanism.


They are to support mods not currently in Tekkit.

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