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Shift Click Annoyance! How to remove?


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Hey Technic community! Great mod I must say, makes SMP more interesting!

Anyway, the problem I've had since updating to Tekkit 1.1.4 is when shift clicking an item it goes in to my crafting grid rather than to the bottom inventory row!

This never used to happen on the Minecraft 1.8 version of Technic Pack.

I thought it was Convenient Inventory so I reinstalled Tekkit client and it still happens!

How can I remove this shift-click-craft thing, it's really annoying!

I'd much prefer just the normal Minecraft shift click (between main inventory and bottom inventory row)

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go to your technik/tekkit folder at (C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\) and open the mod_CI.txt with wordpad now you need to edit it like this.

# Configure key/mouse combinations for actions:

# Seperate multiple combinations with ,

# each combination must consist of a mouse button and an arbitrary

# amount of keyboard keys. The mouse button is defined by "M#" with #

# being the number 0 (left button), 1 (right button), 2 (middle button), aso.

# This [url]http://www.lwjgl.org/javadoc/constant-values.html#org.lwjgl.input.Keyboard.KEY_1[/url] is

# a list of all possible keyboard keys you can use for your combinations.

# The New SORT_MAC allows users without a middle mouse button such as the Apple Magic Mouse

# to sort their inventories easily. The Combination Is S+Left Click and yes sort is Middle Click

# ┬ęCopyright Alexander Edwards(ShadowAlex1, SmartModding) 2012


#MOVE_ONE_AND_STACK = 29 M0, 157 M0

#MOVE_ONE = 29 M1, 157 M1


#MOVE_STACK = 42 M1, 54 M1

#MOVE_ALL_AND_STACK = 56 M0, 184 M0

#MOVE_ALL = 56 M1, 184 M1

#SORT = M2

#DROP_ONE = 16 M0


#DROP_ALL = 42 16 M0, 54 16 M0



#SORT_MAC = 31 M0

now are all keyconfigs disabled

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Right, I never actually got it back to the original minecraft shift click configuration, the fix just removed shift clicking all together.

Anyway, since updating to the newest Tekkit (2.0 with the launcher etc) I'm getting the same problem, I don't want to remove shift clicking completely, I just want to be able to shift click like regular minecraft.


When I shift click an item, it will go between the Hotbar (I believe that's what it's called! The slot at the bottom) and the main inventory, NOT to the craft area, that annoys me a lot and makes simple tasks take twice as long!

P.s. sorry for double post :)

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