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Corrupt or Invalid .jar file.


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I didn't know whether to put this in bugs (it isn't really a bug with the mods...) or here, so I figured if it's in the wrong place it can be moved.

Instead of writing a long story, I'll keep it short, my friend and I want to play H/M together on a server I'll be hosting. But I can't seem to get the .jar to work, I followed the steps, using WinRar. I've gotten a 1.2.3 server .jar from various sources, I've used .4-.1 versions of H/M, but I can't seem to get the .jar to run correctly, every single time it says "The file is either invalid or corrupt C:[File Path]

I suppose I'm doing something wrong...but I can't figure out what!

And before you ask if I made sure to follow all the steps, then yes, I did. Renamed the .jar into a .zip, extracted, added the H/M files (including the lang file) compressed it back into a zip, renamed it into a .jar. Run.

Please help, my friend and I want to play this together!

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