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auto-generated tekkit recipe list


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I've made a simple mod (link) allowing exporting NEI items & recipes info, and I find the exported result for tekkit modpack pretty useful, so I thought I'll share here as well.

Here's the list of items and recipes for tekkit as seen ingame in NEI:


I know this stuff is also at wiki and NEI in-game, but I find wiki missing some recipes, and NEI unhandy when crafting complex items. Also, I've added raw costs for items - for example, Enhanced Galgadorian Block: http://tekkidoc.s4.trakos.pl/Home/item/893/2 .

It's also possible to update mediawiki automatically, allowing contributors to concentrate on description/guide writing instead of repeatedly exporting icons/creating recipe templates for every released version.

Maybe it could be useful for tekkit modpacks in general?

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