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Attack of the B-Team - Attempting Every Mod


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(This series is now on a multiplayer server with my fellow Blocknauts.)


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say I will be doing a Let's Play of the Attack of the B-Team mod pack. Uploads will be frequent. If you would like to learn about the mod, or perhaps share some of your knowledge with me as I make my way through, then pay me a visit at YouTube - DemoTheKeySmasher .

I will keep this post updated with my progress. Right now I am planning to start with Tinkers' Contruct and Thermal Expansion and then work my way into MineFactory Reloaded. Along the way, I will get into other mods to keep things interesting. Once I have a good amount of materials stashed away, I will begin my exploration of space and attempt to populate the Moon and Mars. I will also be doing automated setups, much like I did in FTB, to find the optimal way of gathering and crafting. If that sounds good to you then check it out! Remember to like, subscribe, and leave me a comment. I love hearing from my viewers and try to respond to everyone.


Demorus (DemoTKS)

YouTube - DemoTheKeySmasher
Twitter - @DemoTKS




Also check out my tutorials...

Automated Dye Farm
Automated Dye Farm - Tutorial - Attack of the B-Team (Modded Minecraft)


Automated Lapis Farm

Automated Lapis Farm - Tutorial - Attack of the B-Team (Modded Minecraft)


Sand, Gravel, and Slag Generator

Slag and Sand Generator - Tutorial - Attack of the B-Team (Modded Minecraft)



Check out a few of my other Minecraft series...

Attack of the B-Team (Modded Minecraft)
This is now a multiplayer series featuring the Attack of the B-Team modpack by Technik. Join the Blocknauts as we take on the crazy adventure this modpack has to offer.

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Thanks chefsals.

Epside #3 is now out! I get setup in a new base and start with Thermal Expansion. Progress is coming along good so I hope to get into some of the crazy stuff like Galacticraft and Necromancy soon.


Check it out here...

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Episode #5 is up! Dragons, minions, and more!

Check it out here... Attack of the B-Team - E5 - Dragons and Minions


I am finishing up the initial stages of Tinkers' Contruct and Thermal Expansion so soon I will begin MineFactory Reloaded which will lead to the science/witch portions of the mods. Once I have that all sorted I will launch into space and setup a space station and attempt to inhabit the moon and Mars.

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Episode #10 is out! It is time to fight that Wither Boss...in a very fun way! Also, I continue to work on MineFactory Reloaded setup and finally get caught back up on the series. Expect to see much more progress made between episodes then before.


Attack of the B-Team - E10 - Dragon Mounted Machine Gun vs Wither Boss (Modded Minecraft)

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The next video is on time and will be released tomorrow. I thought I would stop by and let people know. Also I came here to ask the following question.


Would you like some tutorials on good power setups, fun mini-games within the mod pack, or something else?

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This series will be moving to a multiplayer server starting Friday. The final episode will be up soon explaining the changes. The server has a lot more to offer including some pretty neat PvP ideas that will be revealed in upcoming episodes.

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Yep. We will be fighting other players in arena style combat. Rules of the fight will vary depending on who is fighting and the number of people fighting. We plan to have some sort of reward for the winners.

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