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Ethereal Penguin

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Right, basically I've been searching around for the past 2 hours a way to edit sounds because I hate the chest and door sounds, I've now got the edited files the problem I'm having is the resource folder always redownloads itself whenever I try and start Hexxit, I've tried multiple solutions, searched for mods and everything and I'm stumped, here are some solutions I've found:

Multiple outdated mods

Delete meta-inf (didn't work)

Make a text document in the resource folder called DO_NOT_UPDATE (didn't work)

Resource packs (not in 1.5.2)

Usually I'd just use Google until I found a solution but I must be having an off day because I can't seem to find much in the way of help, I'm also aware I could create my own mod to implement the sounds but a) I don't know Java well enough and B) it doesn't seem worth the effort just to change 4 sound files, I'm also aware I could just download a mod that changes all sounds but I'd like to keep the originals, just not the chest and door because they drive me insane!

Thanks in advance for any help provided :)

Edit- After a long search I finally found a mod compatible with 1.5.2 called Audiotori, I'll provide links for both this and the new sound files I created incase anyone is interested.



New chest/door sounds:


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