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Memory Issues


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AotBT appears to eat all the RAM it can get, no matter how much I allocate to the game. I've got an incredibly strong, 64 bit computer, with 8 gigs of memory. No matter what I do, it either crashes on world gen, or dies after a few minutes, with a "Shutting down internal server", and the out of memory message.

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Have you tried giving the game more memory?

Goto the Launcher. At the very top right hand side you will see a grey cog by the red exit X.

Click it, in the 'Launcher options' you will see 'Memory'. I think its set to 1GB. just knock it up to the max it will give you.


This worked for my lag problem. memory was set at 1GB and I set it to 7GB = no more lag and runs really well.


If you have done that already then sorry, i'm not sure of what to do.

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