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[1.0.10]TriiZ's Hexxit Server[Survival/Factions/Raiding][40 Slots][Open]

DeaF TriiZ

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---TriiZ's Hexxit Server---


Server IP: TriiZHexxit.nn.pe:25596



- Don't grief (raiding is OK)

- Respect staff and other players

- Don't be prejudiced

- Don't spam

- No asking for free ranks

- Don't bully other players

- Keep arguing to a minimum

- Don't use a hacked client

- Don't advertise

- Have fun



---Removed Mods---

- Dimentional Doors 




- Announcer

- BanItem

- Buycraft

- ColoredMotd

- Essentials

- EssentialsAntiBuild

- EssentialsChat

- EssentialsGeoIP

- EssentialsGroupManager

- EssentialsProtect

- EssentialsSpawn

- EssentialsXMPP

- Factions

- iDisguise

- mcMMO

- RandomTP

- WorldEdit

- WorldGuard




Join TriiZ's Hexxit server today. It's up 99.9% of the time, has helpful staff and a friendly community. We are looking for the type of player that is loyal, trustworthy and is willing to help out new people on the server by telling them certain commands and what not that they might be unaware of. This is a survival-mode based server with factions. Spleef and Mob Arena will be added in the future.






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