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No textures in Attack of The B-Team Modpack


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After installing the modpack, I entered the game in Single player only to discover I couldn't see any blocks. I can see the leaves falling, rain, lava spouts, and water bubbles. The map works, but the only way I can see a block in front of me is because of the hitbox. I restarted my computer, and then reinstalled the whole thing all over again, and then restarted again, with no success.


My computer has Windows 7, AMD Radeon HD 7700, and 12GB RAM.

I am also running the latest version of the Technic Launcher.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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Wow, I wouldn't have been able to help with this, except my friend had the exact same problem not 3-4 days ago, granted it wasn't with AotBT, it was with vanilla, but the symptoms sound too similar to ignore.


I asked him what he did to fix it, and he directed me to this forum thread link. I hope it helps you guys.



Also, please try to look for other threads that have a similar issue to yours, instead of creating another thread about it. It helps keeps the forum cleaner. :) *I say this because as I was going through threads, I found one posted 2 hours before yours that was extremly similar, and almost chewed that poor soul out for posting a duplicate thread, glad I checked the timestamp before I made a fool of myself.*

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