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How do I make server for my mod pack?


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Hi guys, I am quite new to the Technic scene, and I am loving every thing it has to offer so far, apart from the lack of documentation on how to run a server with my own mod pack. Every link on google gives a 404 error... it's really frustrating!


I have a mod pack that I have made, and it works great when joining my mates hosted LAN game, but we want to try set up a dedicated server for a few of us, using this mod pack, so if any one could help with how to go about this, that would be greatly appreciated! If it helps, we are using 1.6.4 as the basis for our pack.


Thanks in advance guys!

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1. Download MCPC+.

2. Make a server folder and put the MCPC+ you downloaded into it.

3. Copy over your mods, config and any other mod-specific folders that you put stuff you downloaded into.

4. Remove any client-side-only mods from the server until it starts up properly. Client-side-only mods will crash with a message like "Could not load class for invalid side" and list the mod name somewhere in the error log; delete the mod blamed.

     4a. Instructions for starting a server can be found here; follow step 3 and on.

5. Make sure you can actually connect to the server.

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