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Big Blue Screen of Death

Odin Steed

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Okay, so at least three times now, while I've been playing Big Dig, my computer has crashed on me. I've been running it on the worst graphics I can manage and it still does it consistently. And after my crashes, usually when I try and load my world, it will just say "Building World" forever. Nothing comes of it. And I close out of the window and I have to shut down the Java script process through the task manager to make it stop. So, I've checked my crash logs and they said that the likely cause of my crash was NT Kernel & System. So, I've been trying to run my anti-virus, Eset, in gamer mode, to see if that helped. Can't tell if it has yet or not.


So, two fold question. What do you suspect is making my system crash as I play? And is there a way to load my world after this crash or am I just out of luck?

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