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Technic SSP Let's Play

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I'm a young gamer who enjoys playing games and recording. I try to get my content as good as possible and try my best to render in HD! I did most of this series in HD and have so far only uploaded EP01! On 22/04/12 I will be uploading more as I have been requested some. I did a dual-com with a friend who of course kept disappearing. He can't even say me name right. I'll kill him some day :D.

In this video I create a home! Wait for the further along videos where I find a dungeon near my home, create a farm and go mining! "I was killed by Mr Longlegs Enderman"

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcEuGWBlewM

A wise man once said, white eyes = death
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