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Problem with Hamachi-Server


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Hey guys,


I started playing Hexxit on a Hamachi-Server with some friends.

When we started everything went good, but one day later, when I tried to connect to the server, first i can do everything like always, but after about 5 seconds my Chunk-Updates switch to 0 and some time later i disconnect from the server. Thats the report i get: http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/jv4n-h-70ef-png.html

I tried it some more times, but it didnt work..

So today i tried it again, and first everything was ok again, i could play with a normal ping, but then the server crushed because the host lost his internet connection, and after this crush I had the same

problem as the day before again.

We tried to restart the server, i tried to reinstall hexxit, i tried to active/deactivate firewall yet.

With Hamachi normally there's everything ok, i have a normal ping and a direct tunnel to everyone.


My OS is Windows 8.1, and my Java-Version is 7 Update 51.

I have 8GB RAM, so there shouldnt be any problems.


At singleplayer mode everything works fine.


Any help?


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