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Lighting problems with Carpenter's Blocks after 1.0.7a Update.


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Before the update I had no lighing bugs with any of the Carpenter's Blocks, but now.....








At total Birch wood ceiling. The torches make no diffrence, it still the same.



Jungle wood floor



A hidden door thats not so hidden now.




As you can see it's not all the blocks because all my floors/ceilings and roofs would have the strange lighting, but is anyone else having this since the new (1.0.7a) update?

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Try turning off the texture pack and if that doesn't fix it, it might be a bug like half-slabs in vanilla.It[s still there even if I go to the

It's still there even if I turn off my textures and use the default, and If it is a bug it's a bug that came with the 1.0.7a update because it's not been there before.


EDIT: Ok I found out what the problem was. Just seen that Graphics setting was on 'Fast' after the update. I changed the Graphics setting ot 'Fancy' and the lighing is now fixed. *facepalm*

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