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Smeltery Controller problemns


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Hey guys!


I've been playing quite a lot of b-team on a private server with some friends and now we got to a point where we wanted to automate our Tinker's construct smeltery.


The smeltery we've built works perfectly when we manually add the ores into the controller. However when we use an interface pipe with an item responder chip in it (to filter which ores go into the smeltery) to pump the ores into the controller, the smeltery controller shows the progress of the ores melting and when it reaches maximum (so when the ores should become liquid) it just stays at the maximum limit and remains solid, as if there is not enough lava (there is!).


The weirdest thing is that I have built that exact same version of a smeltery in a single player world and then it worked perfectly...


Has anyone else had this problem or can anyone help me why this doesn't work?




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