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None of the modpacks are downloading.


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I recently had to delete the Technic pack and reinstall it in order for it to work, but now it won't download any of the modpacks.


With The Attack of the B-Team it comes up with;


'Error downloading file for the following pack: Attack of the B-Team


Failed to download http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/mods/notenoughkeys/notenoughkeys-v.0.0.4.zip


Please consult the modpack author.'


I've tried going to this link by manually typing it into my browser and it won't download anything, however with another modpack I went to the link it provided and it did download the file needed (It still doesn't work either but anyway)


Would I have to try reinstalling the Technic launcher again, or is there a better solution?


- I tried installing it again. No change.

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