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hi, I have a problem with tekkit, however, is about even with the ftb and minecraft classic and single player does not lags, multiplayer lags far I've tried putting the settings to a minimum but still lags, firewall turned on and off, and the problem persists I even changed the line manager of the internet and lags still do not have a weak pc power being that I have a geforge 610 m 2gb what to do.? 
the problem persists even on the pc of my brother who has the pc 3 times more powerful than mine. . . sorry for my english but I'm Italian and I use a translator D ':


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First of all. What type of lag is it. If it is when you break a block and it only disappears after some time. Then it is part of the server lag. If it's FPS drop. Then it's client lag. Servers can have lag problems due to few causes (RAM Problems, Server not been rebooted for some time may cause it, CPU Can't handle the server overloads, Loads of players) It doesn't matter if you have a 100mb/s Internet. If the server itself either has a slow internet connection or has overloads. Then it's not your computer problem. It is the server. So it doesn't relate to the client or your computer then.

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