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1.6.4 [Technic Custom] Highgraded[24hr][PVP][80slot]

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Highgraded's newest server with our own Custom modpack now fully released

Highgraded Website : http://www.highgraded.com/

IP :

MODPACK LINK : http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/highgraded-fun


Highgraded is a community website that has been around a while. We build servers at the members request for various games. We are always looking for new members and staff.


Server Rules:


1.No Griefing

2.No Spamming

3.No Advertising

4.No Cursing/No Constant Cursing

5.No Trolling/Flaming

6.No Banned Items(Tekkit Rule)

7.No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

8.Respect all Players

9.Obey Staff There the Law

10. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

11. No Mods/Hacks

12.No Full Caps Messages

Mod/Admin Rules:

Be Responsible with the privileges you are given as a Builder/Mod

Do not spawn blocks or items for other players unless comping lost items.

When Trading, only buy and sell legit items

Only help build for other players using legit items and blocks

No Power Abuse


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The post could use some work.  Any server rules?  How about a little bit about the community?  These can be copy/pasted from the server web site if you'd like, but they need to be here.  You may not want to post a complete mod list, either - the mod pack page on the Platform can cover that.  Highlights are probably fine.

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