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Searching for the Right Server


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After watching BdoubleO and Generkb play this mod pack for a while, I've finally decided to experience it for myself. But what's the fun in playing this game alone? I'm looking to get the most out of this mod pack that I can, and I would love to do that on a server with others who want the same thing. So, if you have or know of a good server that I could play on, I would be grateful if you would post it here!



P.S. If maturity or age is a factor when it comes to selecting members for your server, don't worry; I'm not some annoying 10-year-old who enjoys griefing, spamming, et cetera. I'm currently 16 years old, and, incase you're wondering, I'm a girl (shocking, I know). I've been head-admin on a successful server in the past, and also helped start a currently up-and-running server where I am a CEO.




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