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[3.1.2]Tekkit Forever[PvP/PvE][20 slots][ChopTree2, Lockette, Towny]


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IP: tekkitforever.servegame.com



  • NO Griefing except in PVP world
  • NO to any explosives
  • NO spamming chat
  • NO cursing/swearing

Removed/Disabled base tekkit classic mods:

  • None

​Baned/unusable items:

  • explosives like tnt, nuke, industrial tnt, nova catalyst, nova cataclysm....
  • monster eggs (ask mods)
  • water bucket, lava bucket (ask mods)
  • ender chest

Plugins that modify gameplay:

  • Choptree2 (Cut trees in one swoop)
  • Lockette (Place sign on chest and many other blocks to protect)
  • Towny (Claim areas and wage war)


My wife and myself put up this server a year ago. Now we would like to have some friends join the server to build some awesome things, and pvp a little bit. We have added plugins that are not in this post. We do have plugins that like world guard and stuff. so we can protect projects for you.

Expected Uptime:



All are welcome. Right now its just a few friends that play a few hours a day.






Hope to see you soon  :kiddo: 

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