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Lag Spike in Specific Area of Server...?


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*Update*  After going around the map, I have figure out that its a specific area in which is happens in. The area is not that big, (Around 800 blocks in an 'L' shape) but two houses are part of that area. 



Hey everyone, I wanted to post here asking about the problem and a couple of friends are having. 


We have started are own server and had no problems for the past few days until today. I started working with Forge Microblocks and that just completely glitched out the server, so I then just deleted them. After that the server started getting real glitchy and blocks started not breaking, blocks would take a couple of seconds to be put down, and all together it just wasn't smooth feeling. We kept playing though because it was still playable as it just kept going in and out.


Then the big problem came. When I adventured off from our location, (I only went a couple hundred blocks out where another friends house was) and a massive lag just hit me like I hit a wall of lag. The lag was so bad that I couldn't do anything! After a few minutes of jamming the F3 key I was able to see that my game was getting "0 fps".... So my game is getting less than 1 frame which is crazy...


So it looks like the game works perfectly fine (with occasional lag) if we stay in our normal location, but if we cross that one line/area the whole server freaks out and lags way too much. I have worked with Minecraft servers for 3 years now and I have only encountered this problem once and I fixed it by going into World Edit and finding that a ton of pigs spawned underground which caused the lag in that area. But when I wen't into World Edit for this world, I found nothing wrong. So it seems that the lag is coming from some mod, but I can't find the problem.


Hope someone can help us out, Thank you!


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