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Are logistics pipes broken?


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Very basic test I did in creative singleplayer: chest -> chassis MK1 with quicksort module -> basic logistics pipe -> another chest


I set the basic pipe to take torches, and also set it as default route. Put a stack of torches in the first chest. Absolutely nothing happens. The stack of torches sit in the first chest going nowhere.


Replace the chassis pipe with a standard wooden pipe, then power it with a redstone engine: the torches move about halfway into the basic pipe, disappear, and then are ejected out into the world. Nothing ever makes it into the second chest.


Am I doing this wrong or did something break?

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So here's a really crucial tip that I couldn't find on any wiki save for the official one, which is buried in the original minecraftforum thread and doesn't show up in search results or is linked from anywhere else making it rather hard to find.


You need to make a "Logistics Power Junction", connect it to MJ, and connect it to your logistics pipes. Otherwise a whole lot of nothing happens.

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