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Launcher Problems With 1.0.9b


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Are any of you on java 1.6?

One of the mods dropped support for Java 1.6 in the latest updates.


I was pulling my hair out trying to figure that one out, because I know for a fact I had java 1.7, but I do also have 1.6 and for some reason it was pointing at the 1.6 version.


You can check your java by typing 'java -version' on a command line. (Theres probaly a gui way to check also, but I've never used it)



On windows: check via GUI: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/version_manual.xml 

                    or via cmd line: Start -> run or search for program -> 'cmd.exe' -> open -> type 'java -version'

on Mac / linux: IDK, find your terminal app and type 'java -version'

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hey guys i have fixed the problem...

what i did was go to the java website install the latest version of java (even if you have it) and delete all old versions

the game is running now with all 113 mods

thanks anyway Kr0nZ

and when you open a world and it says continue loading or stop loading click continue loading

cheers guys

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