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I want my berry plants back (Natura mod problems)!


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Error message reads:


"Forge Mod Loader has found ID mismatches.


ID ___ from Mod Natura is missing. (Missing ID numbers are: 12662, 3284, 12663, 3285, 3286, 12660, 3287, 3280, 12658, 3281, 12659, 3282, 3283, 12657, 12670, 3292, 12671, 3293, 12668, 3294, 12669).  Do you wish to continue loading?"


I've tried reloading the mod pack to no avail.  I tried replacing the mod JAR file to no avail.


I am not a computer person by any stretch; I just like playing Hexxit and I miss my Natura stuff.  Pls help? 

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