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Combustion Engine... can't get power


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Hi guys, hoping this is the right section and you can give me a hand! 


I've been trying to power a quarry and I'm a total newb. I have an oil well and am attempting to refine it into fuel to power the quarry with. Unfortunately, I can't seem to power the refinery! I can't even get the power to leave the first gold pipe from the combustion engine itself.


Check out the picture below to see my setup. 




I get that energy buildup in the single gold pipe following the wooden conductive pipe. No matter what pipe I connect to afterwards (I've tried to do wood, gold, stone, phased... all the types of conductive pipe I can think of), I can't get energy to transmit from that first pipe. And then it builds up and explodes. 


When I do hook it up to the refinery (even directly!) it doesn't transfer any of the power over. 


Any guidance would be appreciated! :)

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