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Crashing - Bad item.


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So here's what happened.  I played Tekkit a lot on an older version, then decided to play again a few days ago.  I updated to the newest version. 


I was having fun replacing wiring & generators etc, but was plagued by a certain chest.  Any time I attempted to open the chest the game crashed.  This is what makes me think there is an item it doesn't like.  I got impatient with the chest & did a bad thing.  As soon as I broke the chest the game crashed.  Now the idem is out of the bottle & the game always crashes now.


I'll upload the crash log file ASAP.  I'm trying to find the place to upload now.

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I tried all the normal things.  Defaulted all defaults replaced 32 bit java with 64 bit.  Updated video drivers ETC.


For some reason I can't attach a file, link a link, or paste text here.  I uploaded my crash log to my personal web site & I'll have to type the link by hand.




I hope that works, or I'll edit this soon.



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