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Could someone convert this map from Technic to Tekkit for me?


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I downloaded mIdas but I dont have a clue to what it's telling me to do. The game freezes when me and my friends connect to the server. This map was from my friends SSP Technic world. We want to run it on the latest SMP Tekkit Server. Thanks if you guys can help me out. Or show or tell me how to do it myself.

here's the .zip for the map


again thanks for your help!

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Try copying it to your Tekkit Single player saves. /techniclauncher/tekkit/saves. Try to run the world, if you don’t get 'Saving Chunks’, it should remove all Technic blocks that are not compatible with Tekkit.

Hope this helps. If it doesn't you will have to manually remove all non-SMP compatible blocks, like Thaumcraft, Logistic Pipes, etc.

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