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Best friends(In real life) playing tekkit!


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Hello my name is thebaconhawk, and I've been doing YouTube for a while. I've had many different channels with some of my videos getting thousands of views, but for reasons not important to you I'm on a brand new one that is not taking off yet.

Current Status:

  • [li]All videos are in 720p (due to bad internet)
    [/li][li]I can only do computer games due to situation, but own HDPVR (read about my channel)
    [/li][li]I have 7 episodes of tekkit series and try to upload a video a day for the most part

[tt][tt]My tekkit series:[/tt][/tt]

Just really good friends having a good time trying to provide entertainment for the viewers. It is completely unscripted and not planned, but(depending on our tiredness) we try to keep it semi-professional. At the moment, like I said, it is meant for entertainment we pull pranks and such on each other, but try to provide new technic players some information. Also we get no comments so any suggestions we will do! Like if someone wants us to play a map, we will do it. Also if you want us to build something we will do it. Or if you want us to make tutorials we can do that too!




(not uploaded yet, and don't worry it's the same world for second season we won't restart that soon, you'll understand once it's uploaded)

Please don't judge too much from first episode, they get better as you go I promise!

Plans for the tekkit series:

We plan on keeping it going for a while, doing special maps like feed the beast and other ones we can find for tekkit. Also(not tekkit but relates to it sort of) we are starting a Hack/Mine let's play very soon!

Plans for my channel:

I have a HDPVR, but my current TV cant use component cords for it, and also my TV is my monitor because lack of space. So, the content can only get better. Also we will playing regular minecraft too, so look forward to parkour maps and survival island(maybe not that exact map but similar ones). As I said earlier we will take any suggestions, so feel free to comment like "go play this game here's the link (insert link here)," we will gladly play this game and post it for you. And as I said my quality will be getting better, when I get a monitor and not a huge flat screen to play on, and maybe even a better mic, and the most important, better internet.

My channel:

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