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EpicTech [3.1.2] [Factions] [LWC]


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Hello everyone, and welcome to Sliimecraft, we are in need of Donators and Members, we're currently hiring staff to help us expand. this server is very new I created it just a few minutes ago, and I need some builders, staff, and donors. with the donator ranks you will access for an example GameMode Nickname, Mobdisguise (coming up) and lots of other features. This server is atm home-hosted and that's why I need donators. Its fine as it is but if I manage to get a few donators it could be even better.


IP: EpicTech.mcserver.ws


Website:   http://slimecraaft.enjin.com/home


Pictures will be coming up soon but not just yet.  :) I would love to see you on my server

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