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Tekkit competition server


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I've been playing tekkit (classic, lite, and new tekkit) for quite a while. What I love about tekkit is to start off with _nothing_ and quickly build up a whole factory/industry that is as automated as possible. However, when I have all the redmatter I need in classic or 100k+ uu in lite I quickly loose interest in the game. I know other players find satisfaction in building beautiful houses and cities, or perfecting their factory setup, but that's not for me. I like going from nothing to everything, but that's it!


Given my playstyle I have been looking for a certain type of server where the purpose of the game is exactly the parts of the game I enjoy: To rush from nothing to everything!


Hence, I'm considering starting a new "tekkit competition server". Let me describe the concept a bit:


Everyone would start on the server at the same time. It would be a very clean world with most things allowed (details can be discussed about specific items). In the center of the world there would be a building in which people can deposit certain pre-determined resources at certain amounts. Think of these as "challenges". For example, a challenge could be to "deliver the first stack of diamonds" or "deliver the first hv solar" or "deliver the first 10k uu matter". Whenever someone completes a "challenge" they are rewarded certain points and no one can any longer complete that challenge. There would be maybe 10-50 different challenges - all with different amounts of points for completion. At the end, the one with most "points" would win the game.


I foresee a "rush" to complete the challenges that maybe would run over 1 week. After each completed "competition" the server would be reset and new challenges would be defined by the community, giving each competition a certain flavor. For example, you could do a team competition where people would work in pairs to complete the challenges, or you could define challenges around "blast rods" or "ender pearls" that would complement the general tekkit skills required in tekkit types of challenges.


So, are there any servers like this? I've been looking around but failed to find any...?


If there are no such servers, would any of you folks out there be interested in participating in such challenges? Any of you willing to help moderate competitions?


Please let me know. I'm psyched about this concept so I'd love to test it out with some of you...!







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