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Galacticraft Modification Suggestion


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Hey all. Does anyone know where, or what i do to move the oxygen meter for galacticraft on the hud? id like to do one of two things with it. id like to move it from its current location at the top right, and move it down around the hot bar area, or make it a small bar above the hunger indication area. i think this would be a good idea to do and i am willing to test it out, but im not sure if i can move it in a config file or if i have to learn java coding and modify the mod all together, which i dont want to do lol. i was just curious if it was easy as opening a config file and typing in a few X and Y numbers as coordinates and trial and error. also, if the galacticraft mod creator sees this maybe add an area in a config file that we can type say " bottom right" so the oxygen meter is on the bottom right, or "hot bar" to make it a bar above the hunger indicator etc etc.


thanks, and i hope its easier than having to recode the entire mod.

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