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1.09c Alpha B-Team Server ---- 20 Slots ---- PVE ---- No lag ---- Vanilla

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Here is a new Alpha server server to play on. "Testing mode" is what we normally put on new servers that we open to test the stability of the modpack and make required changes. We have ran successful servers over the past 3 years and hopefully this server can be pushed out properly with features that players want! Our servers are run for the players by the players!


We have key simple rules, disobey them and the whole community will lose out



Do not ask staff for items

Do not steal or grief from other players...from mobs do feel free to

Do not complain about lag

Do not ask for staff position

Complain/Question banned items

Hateful Speech

Lastly...Have fun


The server is currently being run on Microsoft servers with a high speed bandwidth, server is located in the US (West Coast) so network latency should be at its lowest (500mb download and 100mb upload)


IP address:

Community Website: Hexxit.co.uk


Note: Since this server is in Alpha do not expect it to be 100% perfect yet so bear with us until we iron out all the issues, in the meantime do have fun!!



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