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Server: minecraft.bearsgrill.ch:25565 ( currently )


Tekkit 1.2.6, Minecraft 1.6.4


1) Towny is used to 'protect' buildings and no-pvp areas, users can create their own towns

2) PVP is wide open in non-town areas and wilderness

3) Destroying buildings in non-towns is allowed but destruction just to be a a** repeatedly may invoke jail time

4) Do not abuse broken mods or flaws in the security


1) Tekkit

2) Towny

3) Essentials

4) Vault

5) Tardis

6) Lockette

7) mcJobs

8) mcMMO

9) bPermissions


Started for a place for friends to hang out, build and explore but open to the world to come join us. If a mod looks stable and interesting we may add it at user request. We are community driven for functionality and rules.


We expect to be up 24x7 with an automatic restart at midnight everyother day automatically. Occasionally if something is broken there may be a restart but we strive for stability.

Player base:

We are looking for regular players who want to build and show what can be done with the available tools. We do not want people who show up, beg for op and then become pests when denie

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