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repeated crashes due to TiC's drawbriges


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        I have been starting to use drawbridges in my building now that they have been added, used camo gate's (were way too buggy) first drawbridge contraption i made works fine. When i went to replace the camo gates with drawbridges after placing the fourth one my game crashed. I went to restart my minecraft map and tryed breaking one and game crashed once again. Started up again and tried popping into creative, still crashed when trying to break one. This time my world stopped appearing in single player (learned i had to make a new world and go to save folder AND replace my level.dat file) so my game could be loaded but i lost my inventory (shite, there goes my tinker's gear). Once i reloaded everything i make my way back and proceeded to just leave the drawbridges alone for now and hop in creative to remake my lost tools. First thing i try to make is my pickaxe, last thing i put into the tool forge is the rod and game crashed agian. Soo i get angry thinking the drawbridges are the roots of my issues and try to destroy them with TNT; still did not work and it still crashed. blew up grass around them but not the drawbridges.


Anyone have any insight for my issue?? help would be much appreciated! spent way too much time building to stop playing... if anyone wants screen shots i will upload if asked, do not feel like loading up minecraft again.


PS cannot place a block beside it either (crashes the game) not sure about breaking grass that is beside it.

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