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[1.6.4] Back To The Core - Bringing It Back To Where It All Began!


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I have gotten the message. Apparently modders still feel revoking permissions is a good way to take revenge. As a result this pack is hereby removed. Its also become too much on one man's shoulders to be honest. 
What is this pack about? 
Back To The Core attempts to bring back the experience from back in the day where your goal was more or less to have fun. It attempts to remove the tedium from a lot of the mods so that the progression is more natural than artificial. It might not last as long as you would like it, but that's the whole point. Use for imagination to choose where you go from "end-game".  
So... Getting to the point where you're bored quickly? 
Absolutely not. It gets you to a quarry really quickly though. What happens after that is your choice. The Tech tree and Magic tree have been increased significantly. Choose your path. Or do both. Its all up to you. There is no limit to what you can do in this pack. 
Significant changes? 
Power gen and Ore gen has been upped significantly. Ore gen is upped to about 200 of each ore in the game per chunk. Including diamonds. The ores are spread out from Y-level 1 to 64 in the overworld and 1-128 in the nether. Also, all thaumcraft researches are purchasable. 
TL;DR - This pack is designed for the sole purpose of being able to abuse every single item in the game. Good luck and have fun! 
Yes, I know this pack has no graphics. If you would like to make me one, email me @ [email protected] 
Join us on #techcavern on SynIRC or Esper :D 
Updates to this pack will now only be done when needed or requested. As a result ALL issues are to be reported here: https://github.com/TechCavern/Back-To-The-Core
Pack needs at least 2GBs of RAM Also, Mod versions may be skewed. This is due to config changes with no real mod update
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