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Server Crashing


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Hey guys,


first of all thanks for the good work ;-)

Since the last update to 1.0.9c we experience some server crashes. Only one user is connected, the server crashes although there aren't any special actions performed. Flying around, after quite some minutes the server crashes and I'm not able to connect anymore. After rebooting everything works fine again.


More usefull than this, I can procide the crash report, is the same for the last 10 crashes...

Report can be found here.


I think it got something to do with the ThermalExpansion, as the exception says that there's some problem with it. I've tried to contact some guys in ThermalExpension-IRC, but couldn't get any answer.


So someone got any idea what to do? Hope this is the right section to ask for, if not, please lead the way ;-)


Thanks in advance


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