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Quarry wont work on server, yet it was in the past


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My Quarry powered with Energylink won'start - it recognizes landmars but wont start filling area with support pipes and mining.


On singleplayer it works OK, same setup on server wont.


It was working before. Now after some time I wanted to redeploy it but this strange bug holds me back form it.


There is no errors in lgos what so ever expect of unconnected 'slotChanging' spam.


Please tell me how to run that quarry?


PS It happened after I've build quite big HV Solar Panel Array factory.

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Make sure your HV power is being transformed to LV, I'm not sure if quarries only accept LV but you could try that. Also, the server may have quarries banned. Or your digging area(Where the frame is) could be in either a golden shovel protection, faction claim or towny claim, if so that will stop it from making the frame and digging. 

Note: The actual quarry block can be on a protected block but the digging area cannot

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It's mine server, nothing is banned it's clean Tekkit Classic server (Rec).


It works on any power (HV LV) as long as it's connected via Energy Link which I did.


As I said before It was working before now just don't. On Creative singleplayer works as should. What could block it? Maybe this massive HV Solar Panel factory I've build on server?

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